Don’t even know what to call this facial expression….but MORNING

Enjoying a costa tea and a GIANT custard cream with melmel :)

Oh shit. I have a tail
Anonymous has asked: where can i download joe's twitcam videos? and if possible any link to download the SChool Antics DVD? btw love your blog

I don’t know if there’s a way to download them, but you can find them all here

and I haven’t found a link for the DVD but I’ll keep looking

Thank you! :]

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Anonymous has asked: Do you add any of them(Antics) on Facebook? :) x


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Anonymous has asked: Heyy do you know which University does Joe go to?

University of East London

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What’s crackalakinn sis?

Yes marvin… I know your password

Chilling with the Russian team haha

Monkeying around!

Oreo ..


Never do serious so I thought I’d try it haha, train journeys make me tiredddd